Virtual Investiture Ceremony

Virtual Investiture Ceremony

Leadership Begins With Taking Initiative And Then Embracing The
Responsibility That Follows

On 3rd July 2021 a virtual investiture ceremony was conducted by the management of St.Thomas Academy for the newly elected enthusiastic leaders of the year 2021-22. The event was hosted by teacher Aneena with a remarkable multimedia Power Point presentation.

The ceremony had started with a short prayer service keeping in mind the motto of the school ‘Let Your Light Shine’, which was then followed by the Head Boy and the Head Girl, taking a solemn pledge in the presence of the secondary section staff; that they would use the authority given to them for the betterment of the school. 

The Ex-head boy Master Sujil John and the Ex-head girl Miss Blessy Lebanone were invited on behalf of the team of the year 2020-21 to hand over their responsibilities by presenting their ties, sashes and flags to the newly elected Head-Prefects as a symbol of honour and leadership, which was displayed through a video. The prefects then took a pledge after which a video was played to congratulate the new team which displayed all the four houses of Joy, Peace, Hope and Faith and also the teachers in-charge. 

The Head Girl thanked the family of S.T.A on behalf of her team for conducting this investiture ceremony online and honouring them with this opportunity. The teachers congratulated the new team and wished them all the very best. Before winding up Zeenat Ma’am addressed the gathering and expressed her gratitude towards God for making this event a success. On behalf of the student council a virtual bouquet was presented to Father Manager and to Zeenat ma’am. 

The event came to an end with the singing of the school anthem which reminded the students; 

‘LEADERSHIP is not a position or a title, it is ACTION and EXAMPLE’.

-Miss Blessy Lebanone
(Ex-head girl)

Crowning the leaders of tomorrow

St.Thomas Academy
Students Council 2021-2022
Spirit of Unity and collaboration for greater dynamism and effectiveness

Leaders are Dealers


Prayer of the faithful represents the faith,hope,peace of mind to bring the best out of everyone.
Prayer for the Student Council to be a source of light and guidance.