The School Building Project


The old school building is 45 years old was repaired several times at substantial cost. Structural Engineers, evaluation revealed that the building has structural deficiencies and needed to be rebuilt.

Demand for new admission has been growing each year more than half the applicants have to be turned away.

Growing demand from parents to upgrade the school to Higher Secondary.

Dilemma before the school management was to close down the school gradually or rebuild and face the challenge of raising resources for the new building.

After much deliberations and thought, School Management after consulting the PTA, recommended rebuilding, with additional space, to the Diocesan Authority, who after thorough scrutiny approved the Project, but without any financial assistance.

The requirements of funds was deliberated with Parish community, the School PTA, and well wishers of all communities, including parents of Alumni, who offered to lend a helping hand.

The completely finished building will be a stilt plus 7 stories structure, with classrooms, science labs, e learning facilities, indoor assembly places, libraries, teachers’ common rooms and school offices. In sum, a modern school building with better ventilation and good sanitary facilities, which is an aid to learning.

The school has plans on completion of the Building to go for Higher Secondary/CBSE/IGCSE and vocational courses.

This dream cannot be achieved without a generous helping hand from all, parents of existing students, Alumni, Local Community and well wishers.