Primary section celebrated the science week

Science Week– Collage Making – Std I


The famous Quote by Henrich Rohrer states ‘Science means constantly walking a tightrope between blind faith and curiosity, between expertise and creativity, between bias and openness, between experience and epiphany between ambition and passion between arrogance and conviction in short between  old today and new tomorrow’. 

St. Thomas Academy –   Primary section celebrated the science week based on creating awareness towards science on 7th,9th and 11th February 2022 for students of Std 1 to honour the role of science and technology in our modern day lives .A plethora of activities were organized under the guidance of teachers for students. Different kinds  of activity was conducted in all the class on all the three days.

Students of  Std 1 made colourful collage on the  different kinds of clothes and foods of a particular season. Their collage showed  seasons with variety of pictures and sentences written on them. The collage was prepared by each child  in the class using their own knowledge and creative ideas.

Students of Std 1 made colourful collage


Students of Std 1 made colourful collage


3 – D Drawing Activity -Space – Std II

“What we know is  a DROP , what we don’t know is an OCEAN

– Isaac Newton



As rightly said by Isaac Newton , there are many mysteries in the universe . Space is one such mystery .

The students of std 2 had a 3D drawing activity based on space . Firstly , the students  discussed what they knew about space and the objects that are found in space . The young minds were busy  at work  recalling all the information that they had seen on TV or in movies about space and creatively recreating  it on paper.


The students zealously participated in the  3D drawing activity and made it a fruitful one.


Fancy Dress On Scientists – Std IV


“A scientist may exhaust himself,

he frequently exhausts his colleagues,

always exhausts his money, but never exhausts his subject.”

-Gordon Glegg

To celebrate Science Week, and to spread awareness about scientists, a Fancy Dress activity was conducted on Friday, 11th February.

The theme for the Fancy Dress was ‘Our Surroundings – Humans, Birds and Trees’. Many children form Std. 4 A,B,C participated in this activity. Children dressed as trees, birds, various parts of human body, and took part in this activity. With the help of this activity, children learnt more about our nature as it was a hands-on experience for them.

Parents also helped their children to dress and learn a few lines about the topic.

This activity brought the students closer to Mother Nature.

Fancy Dress On Scientists