“Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring, wonderful deeds, stories and love.”

To appreciate and show the love and gratitude towards grandparents,  Grandparents’ Day was  celebrated on the 26th  of July, 2022. Children lovingly prepared a small  token of love for their grandparents.

Std I – Preparing a card  with a message.

Std II – Making a photo frame.

Std III- Make an AA twins craft of Grandparents(puppets)

Std IV- Making a badge.


The celebration was held on the 6th floor at 4.00 pm. The grandparents of std IV students’ were invited for the programme.

The programme began by invoking the  blessings of God through a short prayer service followed by a speech as well as a cultural programme . Spot prizes and games made the event lively  .

The programme was well planned and executed by the teachers of Div. ‘B’. The grandparents were overjoyed and overwhelmed to participate in the event.

The programme thus ended on an enthusiastic note.

Making a photo frame.


Preparing a card with a message.


Make an AA twins craft of Grandparents(puppets)