St Thomas Academy, a coeducational institution, imparts education through the medium of the English language from Tiny Tots to the adolescent youth, both girls and boys. The School conducts classes under section of Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary, all under one roof.

Most students start with Kindergarten and end up with a Secondary School Certificate in 12 years. The average passing outage is 15 to 16 years.

The School is recognised by the Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation and Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education and is registered with Charity commissioner as a Minority Institution. However its doors are open to all castes, creed and communities. The Secondary school receives limited aid from the State.

St. Thomas Academy not only imbibes knowledge, but prepares the students to be responsible citizens and for the tough road ahead, as evidenced by its illustrious Alumni.

The faculty strains every sinew to ensure every student gets a all round education.